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Friday, September 25, 2009

Today at school

Today at school I wore my Fred and Ginger things. My "Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did except backwards and in high heels" T-shirt, one of my Fred and Ginger buttons, and of course F and G earrings. I wanted to wear these today, and I got TONS of comments at school.

In art, my table noticed the earrings and said they were cute with the faces. Then in science I had a girl ask me, "Who's Fred and Ginger?". I showed her that my shirt matched the people on the earrings and button, and then her friend noticed them and liked them a lot.The thing is, once when my science teacher came in, she yelled out "Hey Mrs. Drom! Look at her earrings!" Mrs. Drom then looked and said, "Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers!". After that class, my english teacher said my earrings looked very cute, and then my U.S. History teacher absolutely LOVED them! After class I came over to her and showed her my F and G stuff. She was sooooo interested in them that she even asked me where I got all of it at! (My U.S. History teacher is such a classic movie fan, it's not even funny!!!!!)

Then my last class which is theatre I got a few comments on my shirt, earrings, and button. But, it's just funny how all the kids don't even have a clue on who Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers are. They say "Oh that looks so cute!", but don't know who they really are. And then all my teachers know who F and G are. Just very interesting today at school!


  1. Wow, I would really love to see that shirt and those earrings! Maybe you could post a photo of them? Anyhow, while it is sad that some people do not know who Fred or Ginger are, they are really quite lucky that they have you to introduce them to a whole new fascinating world of dance and music!

  2. It makes me so sad when I meet people and they have never even heard the names Fred and Ginger connected. Most people have at least heard the association.
    Anyway, would you mind sharing with me your mp3 of I Used to be color blind? I would be happy to trade for something. Please shoot me an email!

  3. Great! Glad to hear you are REPRESENTING!!!
    And doggone it, WHERE do you keep getting all these cool Ginger Pics? I'm gonna have to allocate more memory space...either that, or set up a 'dedicated VKM Computer'...hey, that's not a bad idea...my wife would probably look upon it as a frivolous purchase, tho :-]
    I want a Ginger bumper sticker or something... The white oval ones with 'acronyms' in them...if one had 'VKM' on it...that would RULE!!! If I ever get a 'personalized tag', SERIOUSLY thinking of VKMFAN...REALLY!!!
    While a shirt would be cool, I just don't have too many places where I could wear it... 'business casual' at work and all, you know...

  4. "Who's Fred and Ginger?"

    How could anyone ask who they are? Even if you are not fan, it's basic movie culture. Incredible...

    but well, it's so nice to see that there is people keeping their memory alive. Good good ^^

    Btw, interested in follow another little fred & Ginger corner in the net. I just joined and it would be nice to meet more fans



  5. Haha! Of course a lot of younger people don't know who they are because they aren't exposed to them. The only way to get exposed is to have parents or another adult tell you about them because they aren't too prominent in today's culture. I had heard of them before but I didn't really know anything about them until a year or two ago.

    AHAHA jwalker! Business casual! I definitely made my own button with their picture on it and wore it to the camp I worked at. For a week, due to residual excitement about large Swing Time. It was my conversation starter. :D
    A few kids thought it as Lucy and Desi and I said no, Fred and Ginger. Then they asked who they were, but one girl said 'Fred, oh like Holiday Inn?' AHAHAHA I haven't even watched Holiday Inn yet!
    So anyway wear a button. That's what I do, because my wardrobe doesn't really include t-shirts, even though a nice pose from Never Gonna Dance across the whole front would be pretty neat.
    Or get some really classy business casual wear. I can't really figure out men's clothing - it all looks so similar! But then anyway you'll be the best dressed man in the office and everyone will be jealous. And you know you're making progress the more comments you get about how classy you look.


  6. ...or, I COULD get a arm tattoo of Ginger... but that would involve needles, pain, divorce lawyers, alimony...etc... :-P I just try to bring them up in conversation - like, 'What did you do last night?' "Watched a fred/ginger movie...." Usually not much of a response - once in awhile it gets someone talking.
    But, you know, it's kinda like anything else, to a point... if EVERYONE were VKM fans, it just wouldn't be quite as ...special, I guess. Well, maybe so, but, it's kinda neat in a way to be into a 'non-mainstream' personality... but conversely, VKM definitely needs to be given proper exposure and credit, to anyone who might be interested... ...or am I just rambling at this juncture? yup, probably... well, in conculsion...

    Sorry... pretty late, isn't it??? |-]

  7. To Maria and Hannah:
    Yes, it does seem sad that people don't know who Fred and Ginger are. The best thing to do is introduce it to them. But probably kids today would think it's dumb.(Oh, I got the Ginger Rogers T-shirt from Cafepress. It has a website, so you can order it there. And the earrings and buttons came from ebay.)

    To Lauren:
    Yes the parents or someone would need to introduce them to Fred and Ginger. But it seems sad that most people have forgotten about these wonderful and talented individuals.

    To Maggie:
    I can send you the mp3 through email. What is your email address???

    To Jwalker:
    I usually get the pictures from google, ebay, or recently allposter.com. And one more website that has more pictures in fanpix. Just look up Ginger Rogers pictures on google, and you will find that website on the first page.
    Haha. A vkm bumper sticker! I would make my mom put that on our car!!!
    And yes, if everyone was a fan it would be that "original". So I guess it's nice not to be the same as everyone else.