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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Some of my favorite Ginger pictures

There are so many pictures of Ginger to choose from. If I chose all my favorites, this blog would be looooooooong!!! I'm only going to post some of my favorites right now. Feel free to take them if you would like!!!!!! : D


  1. Hey, nice pics! Some of them I had never seen before, might just have to snag a few. :) Nice to meet another Ginger blogger, thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. I love your pics of Ginger. I am trying to figure out how to "Marcel" my hair like Ginger. Luv her singing too.

  3. ...you've done it again! I only 'have' the last two... it's truly mind-boggling how many Ginger pics are out there!

    ..and yes, I do feel free!!! Thanks!!! JW

    P.S. - I need to post some of my faves on G-ology - really haven't done that... hmmm.

  4. I do believe all those pictures are great. I'll try to post more pictures sometimes, so you can snag them!!!

    To bmadron,
    I'm trying to figure out ways to get my hair like how Ginger's was!!! And her singing is awesome!!! :D

    To jwalker,
    It is amazing how many pictures there are of Ginger!!! Maybe you should do that sometime over at G-ology!

  5. ...I need to...of course, picking out my faves will be impossible... will try to post ones that are not as 'mainstream', but devastating, nevertheless...(did Ginger ever take a picture that WASN'T killer?) That would be a big 'nope'... :-)
    ..stay tuned to 'G-ology'... the weekend is coming up. (prime posting period for the Mon-Fri, 9-to-5 set, such as myself... :-) )

  6. ...BTW, the one just below her and Jimmy... oh my... it may be one of my new TOTAL faves (I mean, it is 'blog title header' worthy...her eyes are just PERFECT in this one... and perfect lips... I also dig the way her hair is kinda flipping across her cheek...yow... just can't really describe this one... it just HURTS she is so perfectly beautiful in it...

    (BTW...did I mention I like this picture?) :-P