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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Sorry I have not been on here for so long. Very busy!!!! But anyways, I have a some things to talk about.

Update on the play: I did not get the part I wanted, but I did get the understudy of the person doing that part. And not only that, my theatre teacher decided to add the three little pigs. He gathered three of the understudies(including me) and we have now become pigs. It's awesome! We will be popping out in some parts, which will be fun!!!

Next week I will be seeing Breakfast at Tiffanies on the big screen, which is awesome because that movie is one of my favorites! And not only that, I have something to look forward to later. Swing Time on the big screen on June 11th!!! I was so happy when I heard that it will be playing. I must thank my mom for this, because if it wasn't for her suggesting it, I wouldn't be seeing it later. But I'm happy!!!!

Also, Ginger Rogers is the star of this month! There's a Now Playing magazine from TCM that has her on the cover and it's just so awesome! But the only way to get it is if you subscribe, and I don't want to. So I'll just need to wait and see if someone sells it on ebay. Here's the link:https://secure.palmcoastd.com/pcd/eServ?iServ=MDI2MzE1ODA5NA==

And a month ago, I got something very, very, VERY interesting. I have a milk bottle from the Rogers Rogue River Ranch. It's very neat. I drew it for my sketchbook assignment in art. Got a 97, because I didn't "use all the values". But whatever, I think it's so cool, the drawing and the actual bottle!

Have a great night everybody, and I CANNOT WAIT FOR FRIDAY!!! It needs to get here quicker. The week just goes by way too slow.........


  1. Good luck on the part, GF11! sure you will have a great time with that... My daughter, who is 8, has a 'small' part in a presentation next week, a patriotic thing (why it is in the middle of March is beyond me, but hey, always good to be patriotic, right?) Anyway, they go thru all the different states, and she picked Missouri, since...Ginger was born there! It was neat when she told me about it...she is pretty excited about it!
    Hope you have a great time at the movies, too! And remind your mom she is pretty dang cool!!! :-)
    ...you know, I never thought about the 'NowPlaying' mag, but yes, that one will have to be obtained, by any means necessary... maybe you CAN buy individual copies - not sure why you CAN"T... Ted Turner refusing MONEY? whoa...
    That milk bottle is a pretty cool thing you have there...one is on eBay now, and it is autographed by Ginger, and the folks want $250.00 for it! Not sure how much a bottle alone would be worth, but probably a good bit...so TAKE CARE of it...
    Hope the rest of the week just cooks on along without any problems for you, GF11!!!

    Keep It Gingery!!!


  2. Well now you finally did after all get a part in the play and I know your happy about that. I can't wait to see you up there:-) Breakfast at Tiffanys was awesome! We had a lot of fun and it was so cool seeing it in the theatre. I love that place!!! It's so cool to eat dinner, drink and watch a classic. Yes the milk bottle was real cool huh. I'm glad I could get it for you!!! xoxo

  3. Jwalker: That's so cool!! I know if I did I would of chose Missouri also.
    Ya, about the magazine. I don't think I will be able to get it which is a bummer. I guess I will have to wait and maybe someone will sell it or whatever. Oh the bottle, ya I think the price went up to $75.00. Ya, $250 seems just way too expensive!