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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Break and Star of the Month video

Hallelujah! Spring Break has finally begun! It's so nice to have a week off from school. Now I can do anything I want now! Including sleeping in, but now will lose an hour all because of daylight savings time. Grrrr...............

Anyways, I did find that little video that talks about Ginger being the star of the month and all that jazz. I was wanting to see it, and someone uploaded it on youtube. It's very interesting to see! Here's the vid below:

*Btw, before you watch the video, I suggest you should stop my music playlist first!


  1. I like that bathing suit she is wearing. She was so pretty. Star of the month is cool, too bad they didn't make a bio on her during that time..

  2. Thanks for the great video, GF11!!! Hopefully all of the 'compilations' they show for Ginger will end up on YouTube, or better yet, on TCM's website!
    And, yep - love the pic, too! Quite an elaborate 'jacket' she has on, tho...well, it's Ginger, so it's GOT to be cool, right? :-)