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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1990 AMC commercials

You don't see this everyday anymore do you? Maybe now with TCM, but even then, there are no commercials exactly like these! 


  1. ...wow... honestly, I don;t remember the commercials on AMC... but dang it, that's when it was awesome! Hey, I don't have issue if they want to do a few 'original series' here and there, but then again, once that starts happening, it ceases to become what it originally was (Mtv is a great example of a 'format shift'...they used to be 95% VIDEOS...all the time!) ...anyway, they really should just change the name from AMC (American Movie Classics) to...well, something other than AMC...it's a MAJOR misnomer at this point... thanks for the cool vids, GF!!!


    1. Yeah I totally agree. AMC totally sucks now. I remember a few years ago they had an Alfred Hitchcock special-I watched that. But they really don't have much. I too think they should change the name, always have. Really no point in calling it American Movie Classics if you're not going to have classic movies. Same goes with other channels. And example would be TLC. It's called The Learning Channel, yet we have reality TV shows like Say Yes To The Dress or whatever? Really lol? Might as well change it since that's not learning!

      Oh god, not MTV. It's not even cool anymore!