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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Interesting Fact

Did you know Ginger's Corner was not originally going to be Ginger's Corner?
When I wanted to make a blog, I had a hard time deciding what to call it. It was going to be called Gingerfans(Yes I know sounds kinda dumb for a blog name) but I wanted to come up with something interesting. So I actually started a new blog, thought hard, and ta-da, Ginger's Corner was created with the first post on 9-11-09!

Now I actually still have my first blog on here:

Now it's been sitting there since September of 2009 with no posts, no designs, no nothing. I don't no why, but I kinda don't want to delete it. Maybe I can rename it something else and make it a 2nd blog to do? But then if I rename it, then it's kinda like I ruin "history" of Ginger's Corner........
Well anyways, I'll try to get part 6 of my Ginger Rogers collection stuff. Debating on what items I want next, but I'll most likely do magazines.

Keep It Gingery! 

1 comment:

  1. ...well, ya could do a 'everything else' blog, kinda like NBABOH...

    ...I was trying to remember what I was going to call G-ology... oh yeah, of course... 'Backwards and in High Heels'! Which could be (and probably IS) a nice name for a Ginger blog... but then again, the title HAD to have Ginger in it, y'know?

    looking forward to more of the GF collection!!!

    KIG this weekend!!!