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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Scrapbook of Gingery Goodness

Well a few months ago, someone on Ebay was selling a scrapbook that had awesome Ginger Rogers clips. I kinda wanted it....but it was WAY too expensive to get. But I decided to save the pics, and I'll go ahead and share the awesome things!


  1. So many never seen before Ginger pics! Wow! Thank you for sharing Gingerfan11!

  2. ...great stuff, as usual... I have a 'scrapbook', but haven't 'filled' it yet...REALLY need to, tho... I have quite a bit of these 'various pics' from mags and other stuff... but there are some cool ones here I have not seen! The 'hat' pic - fourth one down - is incredible... love those 'straight ahead' pics into the camera...

    ...btw, I'm watching Boston U playing New Hampshire in hockey...UNH is ahead 4-1 - blah - of course I'm a lifelong BU fan henceforth (aren't ALL G-ologists? )

    have a great weekend, GF!!!


    1. I also have a Ginger Rogers scrapbook too, and I have different things in it, but I still need more to fill in some pages........
      Me either, there was a lot I never saw too but the one pic you are pointing out, I have seen it's just I like this one more cause it's better quality than the one I saw. I think the front shot pics of Ginger are always so cool!

      Hahaha hopefully Boston University won! Of course I would go for them as well, and I think all Gingerologists would too.

      Have a awesome gingery weekend!!!