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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ginger Pics


  1. Greatness, as usual, GF!!!
    Well, there are a few that REALLY caught my eye...first off, the sheet music of a YOUNG Ginger...I would REALLY like to have that one in my collection - was that on eBay, perchance?

    The second to last pic, with an autograph over it, has Ginger in the mid-late 1960s, I believe...and I just think she is SO great looking in that phase! It's a BIT harder to find pics from that time frame, since it was 'post-film', and she was doing plays at that point... for whatever reason, pics from plays aren't nearly as prevalent.

    And then there's always something about that immense retaining wall at the Gilcrest Drive house... Ginger needs to be safe - don't hang over, lady!!!

    And of course ALL the others are awesomeawesomeAWESOME!!!

    Hope you have a great week, GF! I think you had your spring break last wek, right? My daughter is off this week...I'll take a day off from work..she said she wants to go bowling...but doesn't want to end up like Ginger did in Tom Dick and Harry! - It's always cool to hear her reference Ginger stuff...

    Thanks again for all the greatness here!!!

    KIG, GF!!!


  2. Yes the sheet music was on ebay, although what I remember is that it was REALLY expensive.... Wish I could have gotten it. :(

    Ya I like how Ginger look in the mid-late 60s, it was just the style she had. Unfortunately there are not a lot of pics from this era. Also I LOVED the pic with the Gilcrest house!!! I would be too afraid to just hang there.(I'm really afraid of heights.)

    And yes, my spring break was last week, and I miss it! At least tomorrow is Friday, so I'm very glad about that. :D