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Monday, March 21, 2011

This is amazing!!!

*I suggest pausing my music player first


  1. Wow. What fun! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I didn't know she needed a chair like that.
    I want to see this house! A Ginger festival! I want one too here.
    Thanks for sharing, it was nice to see that :)

  3. Wow...That runs the gamut of emotions for me watching that... overall, great to see folks turn out...it's kinda hard to see Ginger in her last days, but ya know, she was still doing what she could, and dang it, that's all you can ask of anyone in their final years, y'know?
    The dude that was getting posters autographed... I want to be that dude... how awesome would THAT have been??? Heck, just the posters he had boggles the mind... where are THOSE now???
    I think what kind of gets me about that is that I was VERY alive back in 1994...oh, I was 27, I believe... so it's like, I could have actually BEEN there! And I was a 'casual' fan of Ginger's, well, enough to know I liked her... but unfortunately not the raving G-ologist I have become...
    Of course, seeing all the stuff on her porch is just making me all the more gonzo to be right there for the Gingertennial... something tells me there will be a few more folks there...really hope so - it would be incredible to meet up with other Gingerologists at 'where it all began', as it were...

    ok - WAY too rambl-y here, but - I think this REALLY hit home, as I have been trying to sort out going up there for 07-16-11... I think it's a done deal, y'all...

    Thanks for the video, Arianna! And yes, it IS pretty dang amazing...