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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Something to share.....

I thought this was interesting to listen to.. Never heard her sing this song before.


  1. ...this is great, GF11! ...you know, I SWORE I left a comment about this, ut typically is late night when that happens, so may have never actually 'posted' it... but it is a nice one - will try to get this one in the 'GingerMusic' portion of G-ology, if that is cool... I want to round up as much music as possible...if I even have to record on audio tape while playing a movie, which is quite primitive at this point, but, hey, the songs are pretty ancient as well, so the sound quality is only so much, unfortunately... ANYWAY - thanks for the cool tune, GF11!


  2. That sometimes happens to me also!! It's frustrating. You should try and get this on your music playlist. Would be a nice addition! I have done that before. I recorded 2 ginger songs so I could get them on my ipod, weren't that great of quality, but hey, what can you do if the songs aren't on amazon or itunes. But thanks for the comment!!

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  4. i now have (unless of course she recorded top hat, white tie and tails) all of Ginger's recordings from Top Hat thanks to friends and itunes :-) copyright isn't helping with sharing them on youtube however!