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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Theatre Project

I haven't been on here that much lately because of school. It's been really busy the past few weeks. Especially last week since it was the end of the first six weeks. Although I do have something to share with you. In theatre yesterday we started a project called Original Character. First we must create our character to act out. Then we have to start Improvisations in front of the class, and after that make capes to show about our character. The final thing is get in a group and make a short scene. It is going to be FUN!!! But the main thing I would like telling you about is the character. My character is sort of based on Ginger Rogers!!! : D

Instead of Ginger, my character's name is Dolly. I got the name from Ginger's play Hello Dolly!, and I also have my character have almost the same things like Ginger. I think it's a good idea!!

Although I do wish my theatre teacher could create a project where we can act like someone famous that we like. Then I could act like Rockstar!!! YAY!!!

*Rockstar is Ginger Rogers. Someone on the TCM reviews called her a rockstar. I believe it too!!!


  1. Rockstar...VKM.
    Yeah, I can see that!!! I can see her jamming out on a Fender Strat (pink, of course), backwards and in high heels!!!
    Your project sounds great! Hope it goes well for you - keep us 'posted' on the progress!

    And a P.S. - yet ANOTHER killer Ginger pic I have not seen until now...thanx!

  2. Good luck with your project! I always admired someone that could stand in front of other people and act. For me that's so difficult and so for me, actors and actress have guts ;)

    PS. Jwalker, I posted that pic (it's from an old postcard) a few days ago at my blog and you didn't even commented it there (in fact is the same, it still has the name I give to the file) :P

  3. Maria: Whoops! I bet I have it twice... :-) well, thanks to you as well - it's a nice one! I love the way her eyes are in this one... hard to explain, just COOL!!!
    Good to know the 'source' of some of these... I really own no 'hard copy' pix of Ginger, but I really want to start collecting some...
    ...and I promise to be more consistent in my commenting! :-) it's weird, cause I have kinda tried lately no NOT comment as much, thinking I was doing TOO much... :-P That's an easy fix, tho!!!

  4. did you really think that, Jwalker? Come on! You do not comment too much and, even if you would do, what's wrong? I do too and it's always nice to be able to chat with other Ginger's fans. ;)

    Don't you have a 'hard copy' pic? Try and get some. Some postcards are not expensive at all and the sensation of having one of those old postcards in your hands is incredible.

    And yay! In another different note, today I got to watch Flying Down to Rio and I already adore Ginger's character there. Honey Dale rules ;)

  5. ...It's a neat one, but G&F are not in it as much as we would like... BTW, her name in it is actually "Honey Hale", which to me is probably her all time classic character name (say it fast and you will see why!) :-)

    AND, thanks for the 'vote of confidence' concerning comments... will do!!!

  6. haha, thanks for the correcting. This happens when you write just right after watch the movie and being still in the bliss to have seen there (and both are fantastic, Ginger is funny, gorgeous and Fred so hot)

    Lol, I try saying her name fast but, my english is so poor that I do not get it, Jwalker.

  7. ...well, it generally sounds like 'Honey, hell' if said fast enough... which is just a kind of weird form of exclamation... I think it was one of those 'pre-code' deals, to a point...

  8. Oh, now I got it. ;) Thanks for the explanation, Jwalker.

  9. Haha, I can see that happening too! Ya I have A TON of Ginger pics. I have three folders in the documents full of Ginger!!!

    To Maria:
    Yes it's hard to stand in front of a big class, but after awhile you get used to it. I'm still at the middle where I'm nervous and normal.

    WOW. This turned into a BIG conversation!!! I sayed Honey Hale really fast and I got it..haha..

  10. ...I may do a poll here soon over on G-ology with the 'best Ginger character names'... of course, Honey Hale HAS to be near the top... :-)